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User Specific Prevention Procedures: Bait Harvester/User

The following guidelines are for recreational bait harvesting. Undesirable species can lodge in nets and other equipment and can be unintentionally transported to other waters. Some species can survive up to two weeks out of water and remain viable when dislodged into another water body. Non-target bait species like ruffe and round goby, and plant fragments like hydrilla or Eurasian water milfoil, can be collected with baitfish. If moved, they can negatively impact fish populations in other waters.

Use these measures to reduce aquatic nuisance species impacts.
  • Inspect for and remove non-target fish and plant species.
  • Dispose of unwanted live bait on land.
  • Never release bait or aquatic plants into different waters.
  • Clean boats, trailers and equipment on shore before leaving the access point.
  • Hand clean and dry nets before reuse
  • Drain water from boats and equipment before leaving any water body access
  • Do not use water known to contain nuisance species to transport live bait. In many states and provinces, it is illegal to harvest from these waters. Before harvesting bait, you should check with your local resource agency about any regulations.
  • In areas known to harbor aquatic hitchhikers species where bait harvesting is legal, do not use the same equipment in other water. Some nuisance species can survive out of water for two weeks. By thoroughly drying equipment, this risk can be reduced.
  • Rinse and dry equipment, boats and trailers for five days. Before reuse, roll out, hand clean and dry nets for ten days
  • The following formulas can be used to clean hard-to-treat equipment. Use 100% vinegar dip for 20 minutes to kill zebra mussels and other nuisance species. Chemical treatment with a 1% solution of table salt for 24 hours can replace the vinegar dip.

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