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May 08, 2012
"Aquatic Hitchhikers Campaign Partnership Announces Bold Changes"
May 01, 2012
Minnesota Steps Up Boat Inspections To Stop Invasive Species
April 10, 2012
NAMG Builds Upon SAH! By Supporting Nationwide Campaign Against Invasive Species
March 13, 2012
Government, Business, and the Environment: A Better Way Forward
February 24, 2012
Experts Testing Tactics to Keep Harmful Mussels from Muscling into Western Waters - Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers a Key Component

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A National Public Awareness and Partnership Campaign

July 16, 2010 -- As a multi-faceted campaign designed to do many things, the primary intent is to raise aquatic recreational users’ awareness of this issue and to promote environmentally-friendly recreational behaviors. Secondary goals are to unite the conservation community to speak with one voice about this complex issue and to demonstrate the critical role that outreach, education, communications and marketing plays in dealing with challenging resource management issues. Read the full story to get the details.

"This is a national public awareness and partnership campaign designed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on behalf of the national Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force."

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The Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers web site is part of the ANS Task Force public
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