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The Official Wrap Up -- Workers Fail to Net Invasive Species in Calumet Sag Channel

December 10, 2009 -- Several days of workers netting fish revealed no Asian carp in the Calumet Sag Channel, the task force marshaled against the invasive species said Tuesday evening.

The news provided a qualified measure of relief for a spot where evidence of carp genetic material had been found by testing weeks ago. Read the following three articles to get the details.

"Last week's poisoning was done ahead of maintenance on the barrier, which is operating again. Michigan has threatened a lawsuit to close the locks until definitive action on the fish is taken. Illinois lawmakers scheduled a Jan. 21 hearing on the carp, after the rotenone poisonings raised questions about the extent of the invasion."

"The announcement from the group of environmental, fisheries and municipal agencies came amid threats of lawsuits to close access between area rivers and canals and the Great Lakes and public consideration of more drastic steps to halt the species' northward advance on the lakes."

"The Asian Carp Rapid Response Workgroup has completed fishing operations near the T.J. O'Brien Lock in an attempt to locate Asian carp after eDNA sampling in the area tested positive for the invasive species. The Workgroup used commercial fishermen and federal fisheries personnel to deploy nearly 3,000 yards of fishing nets along a 5.5-mile stretch of the Cal-Sag Channel. While the nets were successful in collecting more than 800 fish, no Asian carp were found. The catch included more than 700 common carp and 10 other species."

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